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Smart Solutions for Professional Outdoor Lighting Control

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'Light Symphony' is a versatile and cost-saving wireless control system for your garden lighting and other outdoor electrical devices, such as pond, pool and water features.

The 'Light Symphony' range brings new levels of control and flexibility. Its long wireless range allows controllers to be positioned in the garden and powered from any source, thereby reducing cabling and digging, while offering fuller control. Its energy saving features and smart timers reduce running costs.

Controls are fully compatible with all makes and types of garden lighting, including LED, Low Voltage and colour changing LEDs. With a choice of remote control options including an 'iPhone' (or Android) application, 'Keyfob' and 'Picture Touch Panel', you're sure to find a solution for all your outdoor control requirements.

How it Works

Light Symphony offers a wide selection of remote controls (A) to send commands wirelessly to outdoor Lighting Controllers (B). The Lighting Controllers connect directly the outdoor lighting (C) or other electrical device.


- Light Symphony offers the widest choice of control, from a simple keyfob to an iPhone or wireless touch-panel.

Simple Control - combine lighting of all types, from any manufacturer, into a single, versatile, energy efficient.

Wireless - wirelessly control individual lights or group them into friendly 'zones' which are then controlled from a single butotn on the handset. Unlike conventional wiring, ‘zones’ are programmed and are easy to change or add to, which can greatly simplify control. For example, group all the lighting around a pond with the water- feature pump and assign it to one button on the handset.

Automation - Wireless timers and driveway sensors ensure lighting is only on when required. For example, driveway lights could be timed to switch on at Dusk at a reduced level (e.g. 25%) to save running cost and lamp-life. When a car enters, lights are ramped to full brightness, creating the perfect welcome home wow-factor

Impressive - Lighting can switch or gently fade on creating an impressive theatrical effect, whilst greatly extending lamp-life in cold weather

1km Range - The long 1km wireless range creates new installation possibilities and can often eliminate expensive cable runs. Up to 5km range is possible using 5 signal repeaters.

Modular - Select only the components you need to fit your project’s requirements.

Getting Started

All you need to start controlling your lighting system is a 'Lighting Controller' plus one transmitter, like a keyfob or remote. Our Starter Kits offer a simple way to get started.


Starter Kits


Lighting Controllers

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