LED Display Lights

Any of the Mains Halogen display lights can be used with LED lamps.
Using LEDs greatly reduces the power consumption and running costs of the lighting.
The long lamp life of LEDs allows for a system requiring very low maintenance.
The reduction of heat output from LED lamps can also reduce air conditioning costs.




Nepro Display - Clamp Fix

Adjustable high-voltage display luminaire NEPRO DISPLAY. The fitting is made from aluminum and equipped with a R7s lamp holder which is covered by clear glass. A display clamp for simplified assembly is included. Delivered with connection lead,switch and mains plug the electrical connection is made directly via 230V mains supply.

The Straight Arm is 700mm.
The Head measures 175mm x 60mm
The G-Clamp is suitable for a 15mm - 55mm wall.

For use with a R7s LED or Halogen lamp - price on application

146472 Silver-Grey / Chrome - £65.50exc. VAT