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Surface Mounted Metal Halide Projectors

High colour quality combined with maximum energy efficiency.
Particularly useful in areas where a high level of downward light is required.
The ideal solution for prestige retail display and showrooms. Excellent colour rendition.

RAD Projector
Adjustable surface mounted metal halide projector for exhibition and display applications
Die cast aluminium housing with powder coated white finish
Complete with integral HPF metal halide control gear and 150mm stirrup mounting
Fitted with satin aluminium reflector and tempered safety glass
Available for 70watt Rx7s lamps.
IP Rating
IP 20

RAD70 Projector £95.00
exc. VAT  exc lamp

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G - Clamps ~ Projector Accessories

Heavy Duty 50 mm G Clamp With Tube Protection Plate

£9.50 exc. VAT


Heavy Duty G Clamp for Trussing up to 50 mm

£9.50 exc. VAT



S Shaped Light Duty Clamp for Bars up to 38 mm
Max Load 10kg

£6.95 exc. VAT

Safety wire for use with secondary hanging points, finished in silver with a maximum load of 75 kg. The safety wire comes 250mm or 800 mm in length and has a diameter of 3 mm. The safety wire features a locking screw nut on the carabiner.

G001YS   250mm length   Price £3.25 exc VAT

G001YQ  800mm length   Price £3.40 exc VAT

Metal Halide Lamp Information


When choosing the Rx7s double ended lamp, there is still another choice to be made: to buy a lamp with a quartz burner or a ceramic burner.

The principle benefits of ceramic metal halide are 3 fold, by using ceramic instead of quartz to contain the arc it allows the lamp engineer major opportunities to improve the performance of these lamp types.
1. The ceramic can run at a much higher temperature, usually about 1050OC, this higher temperature, gives a couple of benefits.
• The higher the temperature the higher the CRI (colour rendering index), so this drives some of the improvement and gives us CRI of between 80 & 95 dependent upon the colour temperature ie the ceramic gives excellent colour rendering.
• This ability to run at higher temperatures also makes the system much more efficient, the 15% improvement we see versus quartz made products is based on the ability of the ceramic to withstand this.
2. The additional benefit is the ceramic’s resistance to sodium lose through life, as mentioned earlier the quartz allows chemicals to disperse through the walls, ceramic being a more dense material is much more resistive to this and hence gives us excellent colour control through life.
3. Reproducibility is key to consistent product performance, this is another area that works well with ceramic products, the ceramic can be manufactured and assembled to very tight tolerances unlike the quartz equivalents which by the nature of their processing can have quite wide variation

To summerise Ceramic Metal Halide gives a higher efficiency, a quality white light with excellent colour reproduction, and exceedingly good reproducibility allowing very consistent colour, not just lamp to lamp but throughout the lifespan of each lamp.
The lamps also enjoy a much longer lamp life than those with a quartz burner lasting at least twice as long.




Rx7s Double Ended Quartz Metal Halide Lamp
Available in Natural Daylight 4200K
or Warm White 3000K
10 000 hour lifespan
70watt Rx7s Metal Halide Lamp

8.95 exc. VAT  

150watt Rx7sMetal Halide Lamp

8.95 exc. VAT  

CDM TD Rx7s Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp with Ceramic burner 4200K or Warm White 3000K
Constant colour and 12000 hour long life
CDM TD Rx7s  70watt Metal Halide Lamp

19.95 exc. VAT  

CDM TD Rx7s 150watt Metal Halide Lamp

19.95 exc. VAT  


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